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Phoniatric evaluation: relationships between a set of tests and academic difficulties
Carolina Christofani Sian Kencis, Beatriz Cavalcanti de A.C. Novaes

  • Relationship between tests used in the phoniatric assessment and the complaint of academic difficulties.

  • Reading, text comprehension and dictation assessment: statistically significant correlation.

  • Allows prioritizing evidence that may be more related to the complaint.

  • It does not replace a complete phoniatric assessment.

Open access
Available online 11 December 2021
Critical analysis of moderate and severe retractions in the pars tensa and pars flaccida of the tympanic membrane
Inesângela Canali, Letícia Petersen Schmidt Rosito, Vittoria Dreher Longo, Sady Selaimen da Costa

  • The literature is scarce in demonstrating the correlation between the degree of severity of retractions and the degree of hearing loss.

  • To analyse the differences in the location, the severity, and the air-bone gap of moderate and severe tympanic membrane retractions.

  • After a global analysis of the behavior these retractions, we observed the need for classifications that evaluate them globally.

  • Identification of these gaps in literature is relevant so that the focus may be shifted on these topics and proper studies may be implemented.

Open access
Available online 10 December 2021
Development and validation of a 3D laryngeal model in surgical skills training
Thiago Victal Saliba, Rui Sérgio Monteiro de Barros

  • 3D model adequate for training in laryngeal endoscopic surgery.

  • Simulation of different vocal fold lesions.

  • Learning and teaching of laryngeal microsurgery in the laboratory.

  • Surgical training with low cost, accessibility and replicability.

  • New technologies for acquiring surgical skills.

Open access
Available online 10 December 2021
Smartphone-enabled otoscopy: method evaluation in clinical practice
Fernanda Dal Bem Kravchychyn, Ana Taíse de Oliveira Meurer, Maria Helena Salgado Delamain Pupo Nogueira, Fernando Oto Balieiro, Fernando de Andrade Balsalobre, Iulo Sérgio Barauna Filho, Aldo Eden Cassol Stamm

  • The images allowed a reliable diagnosis of ear pathologies.

  • There was a high diagnostic agreement between the two evaluated methods.

  • The feasibility of using the device in clinical practice was demonstrated.

Open access
Available online 10 December 2021
Is ankyloglossia associated with obstructive sleep apnea?
Marieli Timpani Bussi, Camila de Castro Corrêa, Arthur Justi Cassettari, Lorena Torres Giacomin, Ana Célia Faria, Ana Paula Sereni Manfredi Moreira, Itamá Magalhães, Mila Oliveira da Cunha, Silke Anna Theresa Weber, Edilson Zancanella, Almiro José Machado Júnior

  • An untreated shortened lingual frenulum at birth is associated with sleep apnea.

  • A shortened lingual frenulum alters the craniofacial growth with respiratory consequences.

  • Lingual frenuloplasty associated with myofunctional therapy is effective in the treatment of snoring.

  • In addition to improved sleep, there was an improvement in the speech and deglutition functions.

Open access
Available online 9 December 2021
Prognostic role of neutrophil lymphocyte ratio and mean platelet volume in Bell’s palsy: Comparison of diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Serhat İnan, Sabuhi Jafarov

  • NLR is a valuable prognostic indicator for diabetic and non-diabetic patients with BP.

  • NLR is significantly higher in the nonDM-BP and DM-BP groups than in healthy controls.

  • A high NLR is associated with higher stage HBS before treatment.

  • MPV is not significantly different in diabetic and non-diabetic BP patients.

  • The recovery rate according to the HBS was 90% in BP, and not affected by diabetes.

Open access
Available online 9 December 2021
Delayed vocal fold palsy caused by an undetected fish bone impacted in the tracheoesophageal groove
Daquan Wu, Meng Wang, Na Shen
Open access
Available online 8 December 2021
The effect of noise on the amplitude and morphology of cortical auditory evoked potentials
Danielle Samara Bandeira Duarte, Silvana Maria Sobral Griz, Mônyka Ferreira Borges Rocha, Diana Babini Lapa de Albuquerque Britto, Denise Costa Menezes, Karina Paes Advíncula

  • The presence of masking noise interferes with latency and amplitude measurements of Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials.

  • Presence of post-masking during the measurements in the masking noise presentation condition before the speech stimulus.

  • Greater presence of post-masking in the elderly group.

Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 8 December 2021
Changes in olfaction and taste in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 and their relationship to patient evolution during hospitalization
Pedro Antônio O.A. Gusmão, José Reinaldo C. Roveda, Ana Sophia M. Leite, Arnaldo S. Leite, Carolina C. Marinho

  • A significant number of the patients had olfaction and taste disorders.

  • Olfaction and taste disorders were markers of better clinical evolution.

  • Predictors of better evolution can help to decongest the health system.

Open access
Available online 5 December 2021
Evaluating clinical factors responsible for recurrent subglottic stenosis after transoral laser-assisted micro laryngeal surgery: original article
Eishal Arshad

  • Transoral Laser Microlaryngeal Surgery for subglottic stenosis is safe and effective.

  • Prior multiple intubations, GERD and raised BMI predispose a patient to revision surgery.

  • Application of mitomycin C, intralesional steroids and post-operative use of immunomodulators as concurrent regimens might be reducing revision rates.

Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 5 December 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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