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Ear, nose and throat manifestations of autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases: a rheumatology perspective
Samuel de Oliveira Andrade, Simone Appenzeller
Open access
Available online 1 November 2021
Adaptation of the Pediatric Smell WheelTM to evaluate olfactory function in Brazilian children
Marco A. Fornazieri, Lucas K. Ebara, Rafael Goulart de Araújo, João Vitor Fernandes Lima, Felipe B. Favareto, Fábio R. Pinna, Richard L. Voegels, Richard L. Doty

  • This study developed and validated the Pediatric Smell Wheel™ (PSW) for testing Brazilian children.

  • The Brazilian PSW differentiated the olfactory function of children with adenoid hypertrophy from that of healthy children.

  • A score below 7 out of 11 is a useful cutoff for defining microsmia in young children.

Open access
Available online 31 October 2021
A case study of phantosmia cured by antibiotic treatment of an intranasal Pseudomonas stutzeri infection
Adam G. Evans, Laurie A. Temiz, Suleman J. Bangash
Open access
Available online 29 October 2021
A new combined approach to lost medial rectus muscle retrieval using the endoscopic transnasal approach, transcutaneous medial orbitotomy, and the sub-Tenon approach
Kosuke Takabayashi, Yohei Maeda, Hiroyuki Kagokawa, Masayoshi Nagamine, Nobuya Kataoka, Isao Ota, Taketoshi Fujita
Open access
Available online 29 October 2021
Primary oral leiomyosarcoma of the maxillary bone and sinus: case report and up-to-date review of literature
Niccolò Lombardi, Elena M. Varoni, Dimitri Rabbiosi, Marco Cucurullo, Laura Moneghini, Giovanni Lodi
Open access
Available online 29 October 2021
Airway management following head and neck microvascular reconstruction: is tracheostomy mandatory?
Ory Madgar, Nir Livneh, Alex Dobriyan, Elad Dagan, Eran E. Alon

  • Airway management following maxillofacial microvascular reconstruction is complex.

  • Lack of consensus exists regarding the optimal airway management perioperatively.

  • Routine use of tracheostomy is unnecessary.

  • Tracheostomy should be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Open access
Available online 28 October 2021
Analgesia after tonsillectomy with controlled intravenous morphine — overdue or exaggerated?
Magdalena Gostian, Johannes Loeser, Tanya Bentley, Philipp Wolber, David Schwarz, Matthias Balk, Antoniu-Oreste Gostian

  • Postoperative pain intensities following tonsillectomy regularly reach high levels.

  • So far there is no effective evidence-based treatment concept.

  • Strong opioids for pain treatment have not been evaluated yet.

  • Patient Controlled Intravenous Analgesia is effective in multiple disciplines.

  • After tonsillectomy opioids are not a necessary and effective therapeutic option.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
Cone beam computed tomography with oral contrast for accurate diagnosis and surgical planning of pharyngeal leakage and fistula: a case series
Mitsuyoshi Imaizumi, Toshihiko Suzuki, Shigeyuki Murono

  • We evaluated pharyngeal leakage and fistulae using contrast CBCT.

  • Contrast CBCT provides three-dimensional images taken in a sitting position.

  • Contrast CBCT is useful for accurate diagnosis of leakage and fistula.

  • Contrast CBCT may be an effective option to detect pharyngeal leakage and fistulae.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
Congenital syphilis associated with hearing screening failure in southern Brazilian newborns
Eduarda Besen, Karina Mary Paiva, Danúbia Hillesheim, Luciana B. Cigana, Patrícia Haas

  • Hearing is one of the key senses for humans overall development.

  • Hearing loss, which is a decrease in the ability to detect speech and environmental sounds, may be attenuated if detected.

  • In Brazil, the incidence of congenital syphilis in 2019 was 9.0/1000 live births, and its mortality rate was 8.2/100,000 live births.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
Correlation between cow’s milk protein allergy and otitis media: a systematic review
Karen Amanda Soares de Oliveira, Marina Tomaz Esper, Morgana Lívia de Oliveira, Marise Helena Cardoso Tofoli, Melissa Ameloti Gomes Avelino

  • The correlation between cow’s milk protein allergy and otitis media has been investigated in recent decades.

  • Allergic inflammation in the nasal mucosa is associated with Eustachian tube dysfunction, contributing to otitis media.

  • Previous studies about cow’s milk protein allergy and otitis media have limitations, leading to controversial results.

  • There is no reliable evidence that cow’s milk protein allergy is related to acute otitis media or otitis media with effusion.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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