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A clinical trial on 3D CT scan and polysomnographyc changes after rapid maxillary expansion in children with snoring
Rita Catia Brás Bariani, Renato Bigliazzi, Fauze Ramez Badreddine, Lucia Hatsue Yamamoto, Sergio Tufik, Gustavo Moreira, Reginaldo Raimundo Fujita

  • RME should be a treatment option in children with SBT and maxillary hypoplasia.

  • The oropharynx volume increased after rapid maxillary expansion.

  • Differences in oropharyngeal volume between pre- and post RME in individuals with SDB.

Open access
Available online 30 June 2022
Translation and cultural adaptation of the Short Version of the Reflux Symptom Score: Reflux Symptom Score-12 into Brazilian Portuguese
Fabio Pupo Ceccon, Mateus Morais Aires, Jerome R. Lechien, Paulo J.P.C. Carvalho, Luciana Cristina Pereira Ferreira Michel, Nayara Salgado Carvalho, Beatrice Haase Ceccon, Pedro Gracio Ferreira Sartori, Leonardo Haddad

  • The translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Reflux Symptom Score-12 into Brazilian Portuguese was carried out.

  • The Brazilian Portuguese Reflux Symptom Score-12 showed good level of understanding by the patients.

  • Linguistic and content equivalence was observed in relation to the original Reflux Symptom Score-12.

Open access
Available online 25 June 2022
Comparison of scar outcomes of alar flare region using absorbable and non-absorbable sutures: a single-blind study
Mehmet Emrah Ceylan, Hasan Hüseyin Balıkçı

  • During septorhinoplasty, alar base interventions are performed frequently.

  • One of the major factors affecting the scar outcome is the suture material used.

  • Absorbable sutures were reported to provide favorable cosmetic outcomes on skin wounds.

  • There is no study investigating scar outcomes of alar base using different sutures.

  • Vicryl rapid has worse scar outcomes on alar base compared to Polyproplyene.

Open access
Available online 19 June 2022
Outcomes of endoscopic percutaneous suture lateralization for neonatal and infantal bilateral vocal ford paralysis
Letian Tan, Chao Chen, Qi Li

  • Endoscopic percutaneous suture lateralization is an effective and safe treatment for bilateral vocal fold paralysis.

  • 89% of our cases were able to avoid tracheostomy without significant impact on the function of swallowing or phonation.

  • The nondestructive nature and simplicity of ESPL is valuable.

Open access
Available online 18 June 2022
Surgical outcomes between two endoscopic approaches for maxillary cysts
Zhengcai Lou

  • The headaches were the most common symptom of Maxillary Sinus (MS) Retention Cysts (RCs).

  • 70.1% of RCs within MS were in the inferior wall.

  • IMA combined with basal mucosa electrocoagulation and MMA alone provided similar symptomatic relief.

  • IMA had shorter operation times and lower postoperative recurrence rates of RCs.

  • There were no significant pairwise correlations between closure of the opening and symptomatic failure or cyst recurrence.

Open access
Available online 18 June 2022
Acquisition of endoscopic nasal surgery skills with a lamb’s head model
Henrique F. de Oliveira, Valdes Roberto Bollela, Wilma Terezinha Anselmo-Lima, Donald Matthew Pianto, Carlos Augusto C.P. de Oliveira, Márcio Nakanishi

  • After eight repetitions, there is a statistically significant increase in total score.

  • The mean duration of dissections decreased from 33 to 15min during training.

  • The lamb is a useful tool in the dissection learning process.

Open access
Available online 16 June 2022
Surgical rehabilitation of cleft lip and/or palate: evaluation of the Brazilian public health system
Denise Maria M. L. da Silveira, Daniella Reis B. Martelli, Verônica Oliveira Dias, Mário Sérgio Costa da Silveira, Ianná Luana Freitas Almeida, Hercílio Martelli Júnior
Open access
Available online 16 June 2022
Morphofunctional regeneration by mesenchymal stem cell and IGF-1 inoculation in a model of facial nerve crush injury in rats
Aracele Gonçalves Vieira, Fausto Pierdona Guzen, José Rodolfo Lopes de Paiva, Lucídio Clebeson de Oliveira, Maria Clara de Araújo Jales, Eudes Euler de Souza Lucena, Virgínia Raquel dos Santos Lucena, Hécio Henrique Araújo de Morais

  • IGF-1 is responsible for significant effects on neuroplasticity.

  • Mesenchymal stem cells influence morphological nerve regeneration.

  • The association of IGF-1 and mesenchymal stem cells promotes results in facial nerve regeneration.

Open access
Available online 15 June 2022
High microbiome variability in pediatric tracheostomy cannulas in patients with similar clinical characteristics
Leonardo Palma Kuhl, Paulo José Cauduro Marostica, Alexandre José Macedo, Gabriel Kuhl, Marina Siebert, Denise Manica, Leo Sekine, Cláudia Schweiger

  • Metagenomics can be used for microbiota identification on pediatric tracheostomy cannula.

  • Microbiome of pediatric tracheostomy cannulas are highly variable.

  • Microbiome did not correlate to any particular clinical characteristic.

Open access
Available online 7 June 2022
The effect of early radiofrequency turbinate reduction, intranasal steroid, and antihistamine H-1 on persistent allergic rhinitis: a randomized clinical trial
Nina Irawati, Jenny Bashiruddin, Iris Rengganis, Lisnawati Lisnawati, Rahayuningsih Dharma, Alida Harahap, Retno S. Wardhani

  • Radiofrequency turbinate reduction gives more clinical improvement in persistent allergic rhinitis.

  • Radiofrequency turbinate reduction reduces pathological remodeling marker (MMP-9/TIMP-1 ratio).

  • Radiofrequency turbinate reduction might be suggested as one of the adjuvant therapies for moderate-severe persistent AR.

Open access
Available online 2 June 2022
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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