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The link between airway reflux and non-acid reflux in children: a review
Jeyasakthy Saniasiaya, Jeyanthi Kulasegarah

  • Airway reflux, a form of extra-esophageal reflux, has been linked to countless respiratory pathologies amongst children.

  • Review of the literature revealed that non-acid reflux is the culprit behind airway reflux and other myriads of extra-esophageal manifestations in children.

  • Non-acid reflux explains the exasperation faced by numerous otorhinolaryngologists following the futile outcome of devout usage of acid suppression in children to treat airway reflux.

  • A recent surge in the implementation of multichannel intraluminal impedance monitoring amongst children has enabled the discovery of non-acid reflux.

  • Multicentre international studies with a standardized protocol could improve scientific knowledge in managing non-acid reflux in airway reflux amongst children.

Open access
Available online 2 June 2022
Computed tomography analysis of fascial space involvement demonstrates correlations with laboratory tests, length of hospital stays and admission to the intensive care unit in odontogenic infections
Renata de Jesus da Silva, Raphaella Ayres Lima Barbosa, Fabio Kenji Okamura, João Gualberto Cerqueira Luz

  • The involvement of primary spaces predominated in disseminated odontogenic infections.

  • Laboratory tests higher values are related to greater involvement of fascial spaces.

  • Greater hospitalization stays are related to greater involvement of fascial spaces.

  • Intensive care unit admission is related to greater involvement of fascial spaces.

Open access
Available online 1 June 2022
Osteolipoma of head and neck – a review
Billy L.K. Wong, Christopher Hogan

  • 80% of the patients with osteolipoma presented with a painless mass which had pre-existed for at least 4-months contrary to a lump associated with a malignant process.

  • Histology consisting of variable mixture of adipose tissue interspersed with lamellar bone, woven bone, cancellous bone, compact bone and osteoblasts is key to confirm the diagnosis of osteolipoma.

  • Osteolipoma should not be confused with other benign tumours with bony element including parosteal lipomas and intraosseous lipomas.

  • Recognising osteolipoma early is important for patient reassurance as well as avoiding unnecessary radical treatment.

Open access
Available online 1 June 2022
Early postoperative endoscopic score can predict the long-term endoscopic outcomes in eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis (ECRS) patients
Kosuke Akiyama, Yasushi Samukawa, Hiroshi Hoshikawa

  • Eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis is a poor prognosis and refractory disease.

  • We assessed the long-term endoscopic outcomes after surgery and following treatment.

  • Early postoperative endoscopic findings are a predictive factor for the later outcomes.

  • Higher endoscopic score of 3 months post operation indicates poor long-term prognosis.

Open access
Available online 13 April 2022
Endoscopic versus microscopic ossiculoplasty: Does the functional outcome vary according to the type of osciculoplasty?
Onur Celik, Burak Ulkumen

  • There are very few studies on the functional success of the endoscopic ossiculoplasty.

  • Incus interposition and bone cement utilization were evaluated unlike the previous studies.

  • Endoscopic approach in various ossiculoplasties is reliable as the microscopic one.

  • Type of ossiculoplasty has no effect on the functional success of either approach.

Open access
Available online 13 April 2022
Potential effects of lowering the threshold of statistical significance in the field of chronic rhinosinusitis – A meta-research on published randomized controlled trials over last decade
Pooja Thakur, Vivek Jha

  • p-value statistic has multiple demerits and limitations.

  • Lowering the p-value threshold from 0.05 to 0.005 would heavily alter the interpretation of RCTs in the last ten years.

  • Trial characteristics such as funding, single or multicentered status, or registration status, were not found contributing to reporting of a significant p-value.

  • Scientific literature needs to do away with over-reliance on p-value and there is a requirement for alternate methods of interpretation of results.

Open access
Available online 22 March 2022
Relationship of the anterior ethmoid sinus to the lacrimal sac: a computed tomography study
Beatriz de Costa Remor, Leonardo Balsalobre, Simone Haber Duellberg Von Faber Bison, Maria Helena Salgado Delamain Pupo Nogueira, Ana Taíse de Oliveira Meurer, David Caetano Bastos, Aldo Cassol Stamm

  • The agger nasi is medial to the lacrimal sac in most patients.

  • The agger nasi can be considered an anatomical key point in endoscopic DCR.

  • The right and left sides of each patient have similar anatomy.

Open access
Available online 22 March 2022
Modified bilateral fasciaperichondrial flap for prominent ear correction
Abdulhalim Aysel, Berrak Karatan, Uğurtan Ergün, Togay Müderris

  • Prominent ear deformity is the most common congenital head and neck deformity.

  • Various techniques have been described for prominent ear correction.

  • Modified bilateral fasciaperichondrial flap technique is used with low complications.

Open access
Available online 10 March 2022
Nutritional and immunological parameters as prognostic factors in patients with advanced oral cancer
Lorenzo Fernandes Moça Trevisani, Isabelle Fernandes Kulcsar, Ana Kober Nogueira Leite, Marco Aurélio Vamondes Kulcsar, Graziele Aparecida Simões Lima, Rogerio Aparecido Dedivitis, Luiz Paulo Kowalski, Leandro Luongo Matos

  • Patients with oral SCC present significant weight loss and immune compromise.

  • Increased values of RDW and high weight loss were risk factors for lower survival.

  • Patients undergoing treatment must receive a complete nutritional evaluation.

  • Nutritional intervention can be effective, preventing nutritional deterioration.

Open access
Available online 9 March 2022
Sinonasal/basicranial myxofibrosarcoma: a report of 6 surgical cases combined with a literature review
Hongbing Li, Huan Wang, Dehui Wang

  • So far surgery is the mainstay of treatment for sinonasal/basicranial MFS.

  • Negative surgical margin and re-excision for relapsed cases may be recommended to rhinologists.

  • Early diagnosis and better patient compliance may improve the prognosis.

Open access
Available online 5 March 2022
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