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Secondary tracheoesophageal puncture with a flexible transillumination device: a new technique and its outcomes
Amanda Sampaio Almeida, Flavio Mignone Gripp, Fabio Lau, Eduardo Vieira Couto, Carlos Takahiro Chone

  • Secondary TEP under local anesthesia generates fewer costs.

  • Using flexible transillumination device reduces the risk of complications.

  • Success rates of VP encourage its adoption in laryngectomee patients.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
Survival analysis of patients with subglottic squamous cell carcinoma based on the SEER database
Fan Yang, Lu He, Yuansheng Rao, Yanjun Feng, Jianhong Wang

  • Prognosis of subglottic squamous cell carcinoma remained poor over the years.

  • Combination of surgery and adjuvant therapies improved the survival outcomes.

  • Early-stage tumors benefited from larynx preservation surgery; advanced tumors benefited from total laryngectomy.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
The added value of non-contrast 3-Tesla MRI for the pre-operative localization of hyperparathyroidism
Yoshitaka Kawai, Mami Iima, Hirotaka Yamamoto, Makiko Kawai, Ayami Ohno Kishimoto, Sho Koyasu, Akira Yamamoto, Koichi Omori, Yo Kishimoto

  • Sensitivity raised by unenhanced 3-Tesla MRI with US and MIBI in hyperparathyroidism.

  • MRI could detect every parathyroid lesion that had been found in US.

  • Undetected lesions in MRI were 6 mm or less, which are size of normal parathyroid.

  • Fat-suppressed T2-weighted images could exhibit parathyroid lesions conspicuously.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
The clinical features and image characteristics of Meniere's disease patients with endolymphatic hydrops confirmed by enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
Wei Chen, Xiao Wu, Yue Geng, Naier Lin, Yan Sha

  • 3D-real IR MRI can provide a better assessment of EH in MD patients.

  • Including EH in the diagnostic criteria can increase the MD diagnosis rate.

  • The EH degree or distribution may be related to the degree of hearing loss.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
The effect of honey on post-tonsillectomy pain relief: a randomized clinical trial
Azmeilia Syafitri Lubis, H.R. Yusa Herwanto, Andrina Y.M. Rambe, Delfitri Munir, Harry A. Asroel, Taufik Ashar, Aznan Lelo

  • Honey has effectiveness accelerates and facilitates wound healing.

  • Gargling with honey led to reduced pain following tonsillectomy.

  • Honey was found to lower prostaglandin levels and elevate nitric oxide.

  • Honey can be used as an adjunctive regimen after surgery for better pain control.

  • Honey is easy to use, safe to consume orally and available at low cost locally.

Open access
Available online 27 October 2021
State-of-the-art in professional voice
Agricio Crespo, Gustavo Korn
Open access
Uncorrected Proof. Available online 23 October 2021
The effect of genistein on cisplatin induced ototoxicity and oxidative stress
Mehmet Tan, Yüksel Toplu, Emrah Varan, Emrah Sapmaz, Onural Özhan, Hakan Parlakpınar, Alaadin Polat

  • Cisplatin is an antineoplastic agent used malignant diseases.

  • Cisplatin ototoxicity is generally bilateral, irreversible, and progressive.

  • Genistein is a phytoestrogen.

  • Genistein functions as antioxidant and cell cycle inhibitor by inhibiting DNA topoisomerase.

  • Genistein showed positive effects on ototoxicity with its antioxidant.

Open access
Available online 1 October 2021
Nasal irrigation with corticosteroids in Brazil: the clinical response of 1% compounded budesonide drops and betamethasone cream
Gabriela Ricci Luz-Matsumoto, Erika Cabernite-Marchetti, Layla Sayuri Kaczorowski Sasaki, Germana Jardim Marquez, Laura Schmitt de Lacerda, Thiago Ribeiro de Almeida, Eduardo Macoto Kosugi

  • Nasal irrigation with corticosteroids is effective in chronic rhinosinusitis.

  • Irrigation with corticosteroids is more effective in patients with nasal polyps and previous sinus surgery.

  • 1% compounded budesonide drops are better than betamethasone cream.

  • Higher doses of compounded 1% budesonide drops are more effective than lower ones.

Open access
Available online 23 September 2021
COVID-19 in otolaryngologists: a cross-sectional multicenter study
Fabrício Scapini, José Faibes Lubianca Neto, Roberto Dihl Angeli, Rita Carolina Pozzer Krumenauer, Ingrid Wendland Santanna, Luciana Pimentel Oppermann, Nedio Atolini Junior, Camila Degen Meotti, Caroline Catherine Lacerda Elias, Lilcia Helena de Britto Medeiros, Renato Roithmann, Clarissa Delpizzo Castagno, Adriana de Carli, Eduardo Homrich Granzotto, Nedio Steffen, Gerson Schulz Maahs

  • Otolaryngologists have a high risk of contamination by SARS-CoV-2.

  • The pandemic had a negative impact on ENT care.

  • Infections by SARS-CoV-2 were similar between ENTs and other health-care workers.

  • Personal protective equipment is essential for healthcare professionals.

Open access
Available online 3 September 2021
Reading and comprehension: phoniatric assessment in students with reading difficulties
Vanessa Magosso Franchi, Mônica Elisabeth Simons Guerra, Beatriz Cavalcanti Albuquerque Caiuby Novaes, Mariana Lopes Favero, Sulene Pirana

  • Learning difficulty.

  • Phoniatric assessment in learning disorders.

  • Phoniatrics and reading and writing learning disorders.

  • Phoniatric assessment and neurodevelopmental disorder.

Open access
Available online 28 August 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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