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The circadian timing of noise exposure influences noise-induced inflammatory responses in the mouse cochlea
Shichang Li, Hongwei Zheng, Zhimin Xing, Yan Liu, Lin Han, Zijing Wang, Lisheng Yu

  • A 1-hr exposure to 6∼12 kHz noise at 100 dB SPL could cause a temporary threshold shift in C57BL/6J mice without hair cell loss.

  • The circadian timing of noise exposure did not affect ABR threshold shifts.

  • The circadian timing of noise exposure influences noise-induced inflammatory responses in the mouse cochlea.

  • Daytime noise may induce a greater inflammatory response than that of nighttime noise.

Open access
Available online 2 July 2021
The assessment of fukuda stepping test results in prognosis of benign paroxysmal postural vertigo
Işıl Taylan Cebi, Abdullah Karatas

  • Patients are relieved of benign paroxysmal postural vertigo symptoms after canalith repositioning manuevers however, some may be resistant.

  • The need for multiple manuevers is more in Fukuda stepping test positive patients.

  • The recurrence is less in Fukuda stepping test negative patients.

  • When the Fukuda stepping test is positive, poor prognosis, need for multipl canalith repositioning manuevers and recurrences are expected.

  • Fukuda stepping test is a valuable bedside test to predict the prognosis of benign paroxysmal postural vertigo.

Open access
Available online 20 June 2021
Extracranial non-vestibular head and neck schwannomas: a case series with the review of literature
Deviprasad Dosemane, Sushmitha Kabekkodu, Bhagyashree Jaipuria, Suja Sreedharan, Vijendra Shenoy

  • Head and neck schwannomas commonly present as a painless swelling in the neck, mostly in middle-aged females.

  • Contrast computed tomography and magnetic resonance images can guide the diagnosis as well as surgery.

  • Fine needle aspiration cytology with cellular smears is a cost-effective diagnostic tool for superficial lesions.

  • Complete enucleation with preservation of nerve of origin is the preferred treatment modality, with negligible recurrence.

  • Postoperative nerve palsy may be seen if the nerve of origin is not adequately identified or inaccessible.

Open access
Available online 19 June 2021
The promising role of Gelsolin expression to predict survival in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx
Akın Şahin, Necati Enver, Selim Yiğit Erçetin, Zeliha Leyla Cinel, Abdullah Çağlar Batman

  • Gelsolin overexpression significantly correlated with unfavorable survival.

  • Increased gelsolin expression was associated with lymphovascular invasion.

  • Gelsolin expression was higher in patients with advanced-stage laryngeal carcinoma.

  • Locoregional recurrence risk is higher in cases wıth gelsoline overexpression.

  • Gelsolin expression could be regarded as a novel independent prognostic biomarker.

Open access
Available online 17 June 2021
Tracheal glomus tumor misdiagnosed as pulmonary disease: a case report and literature review
Miao Gao, Sheng-Nan Ye, Chang Lin, Yuan-Teng Xu
Open access
Available online 17 June 2021
Biopsy of the olfactory epithelium from the superior nasal septum: is it possible to obtain neurons without damaging olfaction?
Ellen Cristine Duarte Garcia, Lucas de Almeida Luz, Lucas Kanieski Anzolin, José Lucas Barbosa da Silva, Richard L. Doty, Fábio de Rezende Pinna, Richard Louis Voegels, Marco Aurélio Fornazieri

  • Olfactory biopsies from the superior part of the nasal septum did not significantly affect smell capacity.

  • These biopsies obtain high rates of olfactory neurons.

  • The described procedure also provides olfactory epithelium proper for morphological analysis.

Open access
Available online 16 June 2021
Prognostic importance of expression of mini-chromosome maintenance proteins (MCMs) in patients with nasopharyngeal cancer treated with curative radiotherapy
Gul Kanyilmaz, Pembe Oltulu, Berrin Benli Yavuz, Meryem Aktan

  • In nasopharyngeal cancers, the most important therapeutic problem in treatment resistance is radiation resistance.

  • Minichromosome maintenance complex has a critical function in DNA replication and oncogenic signaling pathways.

  • In the current study, the overexpression of minichromosome maintenance complex 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 indicated bad prognosis.

  • Minichromosome maintenance complex 7 was an independent prognostic factor for survival outcomes and may be a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer.

Open access
Available online 16 June 2021
Application of lateral supraclavicular incision in unilateral thyroid papillary carcinoma surgery
Yan-Xin Ren, Jie Yang, Wei-Ze Sun, Yun Chen, Xi-Fang Wu, Ning Huang, Xiao-Jiang Li

  • The lateral supraclavicular incision in unilateral thyroid carcinoma surgery provides satisfactory cosmetic outcomes.

  • The lateral supraclavicular incision is a safe and practical approach for thyroidectomy.

Open access
Available online 11 June 2021
Actinomycosis of the nasal cavity
Kyung Seok Park, Dong Hoon Lee, Sang Chul Lim

  • Actinomycosis of the nasal cavity is very rare.

  • Actinomycosis of the nasal cavity should be suspected when a patient with chronic sinusitis does not respond to medical therapy.

  • Nasal actinomycosis can be sufficiently treated with antibiotics and endoscopic surgery.

Open access
Available online 8 June 2021
Respiratory sleep disorders, nasal obstruction and enuresis in children with non-syndromic Pierre Robin sequence
Fábio Luiz Banhara, Inge Elly Kiemle Trindade, Ivy Kiemle Trindade-Suedam, Marilyse de Bragança Lopes Fernandes, Sergio Henrique Kiemle Trindade

  • There was a correlation between the presence of nasal obstruction and obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.

  • The prevalence of excessive daytime sleepiness, nasal obstruction and enuresis did not differ from those found in the general pediatric population.

  • A family history of enuresis, younger age and a positive score on the “dysfunctional voiding scoring system” were associated with a higher prevalence of enuresis.

  • The presence of non-syndromic Pierre Robin sequence, obstructive sleep apnea symptoms and nasal obstruction were not risk factors for the occurrence of enuresis in the studied population.

Open access
Available online 5 June 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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