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The long-term outcomes of posterior nasal neurectomy with or without pharyngeal neurectomy in patients with allergic rhinitis: a randomized controlled trial
Hongting Hua, Guoyuan Wang, Yi Zhao, Dong Wang, Zengyu Qiu, Ping Fang

  • The long-term outcomes of posterior nasal neurectomy in patients with allergic rhinitis.

  • A RCT comparing the clinical efficacy of posterior nasal neurectomy with or without pharyngeal neurectomy.

  • Posterior nasal neurectomy combined with pharyngeal neurectomy for allergic rhinitis patients with chronic cough.

Open access
Available online 5 June 2021
Development and validation of the dizziness symptoms questionnaire in Thai-outpatients
Ravin Suvanich, Uraiwan Chatchawan, Chanchai Jariengprasert, Kwanchanok Yimtae, Torkamol Hunsawong, Alongkot Emasithi

  • History taking plays an essential part in evaluating patients with dizziness.

  • The algorithm of the SAQ-1 had been developed based on timing-trigger approach.

  • The SAQ-1 might be used to triage the cause of dizziness of outpatients.

Open access
Available online 4 June 2021
Surgical laser positioning system assists removal of a cervical migratory foreign object
Jianghong Wu, Panyu Zhou, Demeng Xia, Lei Li, Sheng Wang, Shuogui Xu
Open access
Available online 30 May 2021
The effect of anatomical variations of the sinonasal region on maxillary sinus volume and dimensions: a three-dimensional study
Firdevs Aşantoğrol, Aykağan Coşgunarslan

  • The maxillary sinus and the nasal structures have a close anatomical relationship.

  • Anatomical variations are very common in the sinonasal region.

  • Nasal septal deviation during the developmental period may result in facial asymmetry.

  • The relationship between concha hypertrophy and sinus height was significant.

  • A significant relationship was found between paradoxical concha and sinus width.

Open access
Available online 28 May 2021
Efficacy and tolerability of immunotherapy in advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma with or without chemotherapy: a meta-analysis
Lifeng Xiao, Wenyi Kang, Jiayu Liao, Yuru Li

  • This study aimed to summarize existing studies to comprehensively compare programmed death-1, inhibitors, in nasopharyngeal carcinoma with or without chemotherapy.

  • Regarding the efficacy and safety of programmed death-1 inhibitors in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, combination therapy showed higher anti-tumor activity except for higher risk of myelosuppression.

  • The incidence of adverse events in programmed death-1 inhibitors-treated patients with any grade showed no difference with or without chemotherapy, except for higher risk of myelosuppression.

Open access
Available online 25 May 2021
Clinical implications of intraoperative eABRs to the Evo®-CI electrode array recipients
Fabiana Danieli, Ana Cláudia Mirândola Barbosa Reis, Eduardo Tanaka Massuda, Maria Stella Arantes do Amaral, Michel Hoen, Dan Gnansia, Miguel Angelo Hyppolito

  • Intraoperative electrically evoked auditory brainstem response thresholds were recorded at audible levels in Evo® recipients.

  • Absent intraoperative eABRs or Longer interpeak III-V interval could be related to inferior cochlear implant outcomes.

  • eABRs can drive professionals to plan further actions aiming to improve cochlear implantation outcomes.

Open access
Available online 23 May 2021
Oral changes in cocaine abusers: an integrative review
César Antonio Araújo Melo, Hanna Rabech Garcia Guimarães, Raphael Crhistian Fernandes Medeiros, Georgia Costa de Araújo Souza, Patrícia Bittencourt Dutra dos Santos, Ana Clara Soares Paiva Tôrres

  • Integrative review aiming to detect oral changes in cocaine abusers.

  • The main oral changes, methods of diagnosis and treatment were identified.

  • Good anamnesis and qualified health professionals are necessary.

Open access
Available online 23 May 2021
Primary intraoral epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of the tongue: a case report and review of literature
Ekanayake Mudiyanselage Kanchana Medhavi Kumari Weerakoon, Kapu Gamage Kanchana Dewinda Kapugama, Bogahawatte Samarakoon Mudiyanselage Samadarani Siriwardena
Open access
Available online 23 May 2021
Arterial lactate as a predictor of postoperative complications in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Suzane Pereira de Souza, Maurício Gomes da Silva Serra, Neyara dos Santos Oliveira, Márcio Campos Oliveira, José de Bessa Junior, Tercio Guimarães Reis

  • Arterial lactate is a good predictor of postoperative complications in head and neck surgery.

  • An arterial lactate level >1.7mmoL/L increases the risk of postoperative complications in head and neck surgery.

Open access
Available online 22 May 2021
Combined approach to treatment of advanced stages of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw patients
Onur Şahin, Ender Akan, Birkan Tatar, Ceren Ekmekcioğlu, Nuri Ünal, Onur Odabaşı

  • Removal of necrotic bone is important in the treatment of medication- related osteonecrosis of the jaw.

  • Surgical treatment is more successful than conservative treatment in advanced stages of the MRONJ.

  • Relatively less invasive and supportive treatments are recommended in patients with advanced MRONJ.

  • Patient follow-up, good oral hygiene and patient motivation increase the success rate of the treatment.

Open access
Available online 20 May 2021
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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