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You can find all the Call for papers available to be published in special supplements of Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition). If you wish, articles are also accepted for publication in regular issues.
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Oral Oncology II - Treatment and Genetics. What do we learn up to now
Guest editors: Luiz Kowalski; Leandro Matos; Alan Roger Santos-Silva
Oral cancer demands a comprehensive approach involving early diagnosis, prognostic evaluation, and treatment optimization. Genetic factors play a pivotal role in its development and progression. Emerging research reveals specific genetic markers associated with susceptibility and prognosis, paving the way for personalized treatments. Genomic and molecular profiling has identified critical genetic alterations and signalling pathways. Despite these advancements, challenges persist in translating genetic discoveries into clinical practice, ensuring equitable access to tailored therapies, and addressing patients and tumour heterogeneity. Therefore, this special issue explores the intricate interplay between genetics and treatment aiming to improve survival rates and quality of life among survivors.
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Submission deadline 04 de June del 2024
Oral Oncology I - Update in Epidemiology,Prevention and Diagnosis
Guest editors: Luiz Kowalski; Leandro Matos; Alan Roger Santos-Silva
This special issue explores barriers to early diagnosis, prognostic assessment, and treatment optimization in the context of oral cancer. It elucidates challenges encompassing health literacy, vulnerable patient cohorts, and the consequences of tobacco and alcohol consumption, among other topics. By examining these difficulties, we endeavour to augment comprehension of oral cancer risk factors, improve preventive strategies, accelerate early detection, and improve treatment outcomes, contributing to the global mitigation of oral cancer¿s impact. This special edition also serves as a pipeline for collaborative research and innovative management modalities, driving advancements in the domain of oral oncology.
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Submission deadline 01 de July del 2024
Hearing loss and its impact
Guest editors: Javier Gavilan; Arthur M Castilho
This special issue of BJORL focuses on hearing loss and its impact. We encourage you to submit articles that are related to topics such as diagnosis, epidemiology, and all types of treatment (clinical and surgical rehabilitation of hearing loss). Your contribution will be of great value in improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss.
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Submission deadline 27 de September del 2024
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